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The vision for Project Smile grew out of a partnership between the North Fort Collins Business Association and Irish Elementary School. The program provides an opportunity for area businesses, organizations and individuals to sponsor children in serious need of dental care.

Project Smile helps meet an urgent need – lack of dental care. Without dental care, students find it difficult to stay in school and concentrate due to pain. Proper dental care will have a lasting impact on students’ lives.

Our goal is to eventually provide services for every child in Poudre School District that needs dental treatment. Studies have proven that proper dental care eliminates tooth aches and pains which can lead to lack of focus, decreased learning ability and hunger during the child’s lifetime. We want to eliminate the root cause of this pain by providing essential dental care to children in need that don’t otherwise have access without Project Smile. These children are the future of our community and it is our responsibility to take care of them.

Help local children by making a generous “Smileship” today!